TYPO #39 is now hot off the press!

Dear Readers, the latest issue of TYPO is now hot off the press! Inside you will find an article about Jiří Rathouský from our series mapping out the lives and oeuvres of prominent 20th century Czech graphic designers, accompanies by an as yet unpublished final interview Rathouský gave shortly before he passed away in 2003.

This issue of Typo also provides an overview of the winners of the Trnava Poster Triennial in Slovakia; a report from a workshop organized in China this past autumn as part of the Icograda World Design Congress; and information from a conference on the subject of Responsibility in Graphic Design held this year in Katowice, Poland – the second time the city has hosted the event. You will also be able to read about the past nearly thirty years of Japanese “un-brand” MUJI’s visual communication; another part in a series about typeface identification – this time dedicated to slab serif typefaces; and reviews of two new fonts designed by typographer Ramiro Espinoza, who has recently enjoyed deserved international acclaim.


The magazine would also like to welcome a new member to the team starting with this issue – Elizabeth Spacilova, a translator whose main goal is to help make TYPO an enjoyable read for English speakers as well.

Subscribers to the magazine can now take advantage of a 15% discount on fonts purchased from the TypeTogether font foundry.

Now in its eighth year of publication, TYPO aims to provide readers with a magazine that is systematically devoted to typography, graphic design and visual communication. The magazine’s focus and content has earned it a firm place on the Czech and international markets:

  1. The magazine appeals to design professionals as well as beginning designers and people outside the business in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  2. Because it views typography and graphic design as an integral part of culture, it also monitors related disciplines (a broad range – from architecture and photography to philosophy and sociology).
  3. In blocks dedicated to individual subjects, it maps out important milestones in the history of international typography and design.
  4. Through original articles and interviews, it acquaints readers with important names and international leaders in the field.
  5. It does print articles with clear opinions; it does not print press releases or covert advertisements. Paid advertisements are restricted to a small area (usually on the inside cover of the magazine).


Our demanding criteria, freedom of opinion and independence from advertisers makes us dependant on something else, though: you, the reader. Only regular readers, and especially subscribers, make it possible for the magazine to survive in a market economy. If you work in typography and graphic design and you enjoy and identify with the focus of our magazine, support us by becoming a subscriber. (TYPO has between 64 and 96 pages, is published quarterly and is printed in colour on high-quality, 230 × 280 mm paper. Articles are published in Czech and English.)

It’s easy to subscribe – simply visit:

Thank you for your appreciation and support!


19. 4. 2010 Filip Blažek
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Co-founder of TYPO magazine, graphic designer, owner of Designiq studio, teacher, co-author of Practical Typography.

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