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New architectural type collection by René Knip & Janno Hahn

The new type foundry arktype.nl of Dutch designers offers a collection of digital typefaces borne from their professional practice. 25 OpenType fonts and families, which have roots in joint design work, were specifically designed for use in architectural lettering and environmental graphics.

Their extensive expertise in these fields enabled René Knip and Janno Hahn to create workhorse faces of a singular originality – practical, visually striking and perfectly legible. The alphabets are conceived to be physically cut, drilled, cast, routed, etc. in a variety of materials. Each font can be reproduced as physical text with the least possible effort, both in materials and tools. Once they enter the physical world, the letters resist degradation from the elements or vandalism very well.

This collection is an invaluable asset for architectural projects, environmental design, street furniture, interior design, public art, signage, etc.





26. 6. 2013 editors
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