Typo 44 – summer 2011

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Typo 44 comments on the winning entries in the ED Awards 2011 competition. Read an interview with German designer Fons Hickmann. Do we still need new fonts? We asked P. Biľak, K. Sowersby and P. Zoghbi.

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European Design Awards 2011
Filip Blažek & Jacek Mrowczyk
Illustrations and commentary on the winning submissions to the fifth European Design Awards 2011 competition. The prizes are awarded by 13 representatives of European design magazines


Jan Tschichold’s Typographische Gestaltung
Richard B. Doubleday
An essay on Jan Tschichold’s book, tracking his departure from the postulates of New Typography as well as other areas


Global kitsch or an original language of design?
with Fons Hickmann
An interview with German designer Fons Hickmann about kitsch, the art of client communication and a designer’s confessional


TYPO Berlin 2011: SHIFT
Do we need new fonts?

Linda Kudrnovská & Filip Blažek
A look back at this year’s TYPO Berlin conference (on the topic of shift ) brings interviews with Peter Biľak, Kris Sowerby and Pascal Zoghbi on the continuing need (or lack thereof) for new fonts


Skoda Pro typefamily
Rob Keller
The birth of a corporate font for a multinational company, or a peek behind the scenes at Mota Italic type foundry


A few words about posters
Jan Solpera
Everything you ever wanted to know about posters but were afraid to ask…