Typo 42 – winter 2010


Typo 42 features road signage and navigational systems. Albert Jan Pool presents FF DIN Round, typographer Leonardo Vázquez Conde his font Señal México. Don’t miss an interview with Candy Chang.


FF DIN Round, a digital block letter
Albert-Jan Pool
A brief history of rounded sans serif typefaces and the characteristics of the new FF DIN Round


Señal México. A typography for Mexican road signage
Leonardo Vázquez Conde
The trials and tribulations of a typography project that aimed to improve the readability of Mexico’s road signs; the font family was designed based on a study of perception and strives to improve on the official typeface used by the Ministry of Transport


Ralf Herrmann’s Wayfinding
An interview with the designer of the Wayfinding Sans font family, created for use on traffic signs and in wayfinding systems


Disciplines are as wide as we want them to be
with Candy Chang
An interview with graphic designer Candy Chang about community improvement projects in public space, infographics and making the world a more fun place to live


Navigation in shopping malls
Agata Szydłowska
A profile of Michał Cierkosz’s studio Diagram in Poznań, Poland, and his designs for visual information systems at shopping centres


Prague street signs
Filip Blažek
A student project aimed at redesigning Prague’s quintessential enamel street signs


The journey can also be the destination
Pavel Noga
Information about a custom wayfaring system for the city of Ostrava which has not been implemented, and the problem of major cities’ visual identities


Martin Pecina
A review of a modern sans serif font family that uses Gill’s unique font as its foundation


Successful first annual AGI Open conference
Eva Kašáková
A look at this year’s AGI congress in Porto, Portugal, which for the first time ever was open to the greater public



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