Typo 41 – Autumn 2010


Typo 41 looks at Austrian graphic design. Anita Kern and Marcus Sterz describe its history, while Martin Tiefenthaler, Sabine B. Vogel and Wolfgang Homola focus on contemporary design.


From poster art to communication design
Anita Kern
An outline of Austrian design from Secession to the 1990s—the history of a craft during a period of technological change and the history of personal vs. social relationships


Cambric explosion of Austrian graphic design
Marcus Sterz
From Neville Brody to a bottle of Port: Several examples of how Austrian design has opened up to the world since the mid-1990s


Typedesign and Austria
Martin Tiefenthaler
Several possible answers to the question of why typeface design in an otherwise culturally rich country has not achieved the same status as in other countries


Austria’s prime address for design
Martin Lengauer
Profiles of designaustria and designforum Wien, two institutions that are figuratively and literally shaping the future of the domestic and European design scene


I would like my clients to learn something they didn’t know before
Interview with Walter Pamminger about generative systems, authorship in design and the limits of modernism and post-modernism


A new typeface for a new signage system
Wolfgang Homola
The creation the new sign system for the Austrian Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer)


bauer—konzept & gestaltung
Sabine B. Vogel
Profile of Erwin K. Bauer’s graphic design studio


Helvetica Heaven
Abbé Jaroslav Libánský
History embodied in Viennese street typography and the gradual disappearance of letters


David Březina
Review of Christopher Burke’s typeface Celeste, a contemporary take on the Didone model with emphasis on better readability in long texts


The Word—ATypI 2010 in Dublin
Florian Hardwig
About this year’s ATypI conference on The Word in Dublin