Typo 39 – spring 2010


39th issue introduces the work of an influential Czech designer Jiří Rathouský, the story of Japanese brand MUJI, results of Trnava Poster Triennial, a guide to identify slab serif fonts, and of course type reviews.


Jiří Rathouský: Typography as a medium of communication
Alan Záruba
A look back at the life and work of one of the most important Czech graphic designers of the 20th century, including sections from a previously unpublished interview.


Identifying slab serif typefaces
Filip Blažek
Part two of an ongoing series on identifying typefaces—this time on unbracketed rectangular slab serifs.


MUJI—How designers created the unbrand
Pavel Zelenka
A profile of the Japanese “high-quality no-brand goods” phenomenon, whose concept and design is taking the world by storm.


Trnava Poster Triennial: The poster perseveres
Pavel Noga
This year’s Trnava Poster Triennial, the future of the Polish school of poster design and posters in the context of new media.


Tomate & Lavigne Display
David Březina
A review of two typefaces designed by Ramir Espinoza and issued by the ReType foundry.


Icograda World Design Congress and the Concept book workshop
Richard B. Doubleday
A report from the 2nd annual international conference Responsibility in Graphic Design held in Katowice, Poland.


Responsibility in Graphic Design
Pavel Noga
Behind the scenes of a workshop that fostered cross-cultural dialogue between Boston and China.