Typo 38 – winter 2009


The 38th issue introduces Czech typographer Josef Týfa, presents posters of 1989 Velvet Revolution, reviews ATypI conference in Mexico and summarizes recent developments in web fonts.


The improbable becomes possible
Iva Knobloch
An essay by design theoretician Iva Knobloch dedicated to the posters of the Czechovak Velvet revolution in 1989, to their social and cultural importance and their historic background.


Posters that changed our lives
Filip Blažek
A personal account of the happenings in November and December 1989 that led to the birth of the private collection of the revolution posters.


One poster story
Pavel Hořejší
The story of the revolution poster Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred, as it happened in the night of the 8th of December, 1989.


Josef Týfa: The Dandy Designer
František Štorm
The life and work of an outstanding Czech type designer and graphic designer Josef Týfa, as seen through the eyes of his younger colleague František Štorm.


We need wrapping paper, draw something!
Abbé J. Libánský
A few thoughts about a collection of commercial wrapping papers made in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s.


Long way towards web fonts
Pavel Kočička
A detailed overview of the current happenings in the much-discussed area of web fonts.


Marat Pro
Martin Pecina
A review of a new Old Style typeface designed by German type designer Ludwig Übelle.


Kupé 5
Martin Pecina
A retrospective of the fifth annual Central European designer conference Kupé, held at the end of November in Žilina, Slovakia, dedicated to the theme of competition and competitiveness.


typ09: Global or Local?
Linda Kudrnovská
Five typography-related projects presented at the traditional meeting of typographers, the conference of the ATypI organisation, this year held in the Mexico City, Mexico.