Typo 37 – autumn 2009


This issue is dedicated to Mexico. It covers interesting aspects of the history as well as contemporary type design in this country. TYPO features a text on Bohuslav Blažej, reviews Tabac font family and more.


From newspapers towards Mexican school of typography
Oscar Yáñez
An overview of trends in contemporary Mexican type design and examples of the most important custom-made newspaper and magazine fonts made in the past fifteen years.


Typography and disorder
Alejandro Cabrera Ávila
A cultural and social voyage to the world of city and vernacular typography of Mexico today, as seen through the eyes of graphic designer and activist Alexandro Cabrera Ávila.


How print arrived to the New World
Cristóbal Henestrosa
A detailed research into the beginnings of printing in Mexico and an overview of the first prints printed there in the 16th century.

An unknown calligram by Manuel Maples Arce
Rubén Gallo
An essay on the Stridentism avant-garde movement based on the analysis of a yet-unknown calligram from 1923, written by one of the most well-known activists of this movement.


The rediscovery of Boudewijn Ietswaart
Feike de Jong
The work of half-forgotten Dutch designer whose types made in the Mexico City in early 1960s were digitalised nearly 40 years later by the members of the Círculo de Tipógrafos group.


Bohuslav Blažej: All-round graphic designer
Filip Blažek
A short overview of the life and work of Czech graphic designer, typographer, lecturer and writer, who sadly did not become a European designer star due to unfortunate historic circumstances.


Rob Keller
A review of a new type family designated for magazine and newspaper setting from the hand of Czech typographer Tomáš Brousil.


In the international style
Ondrej Jób and Ján Filípek
One year of the Type and Media course at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague, as seen by two young Slovak designers.


The book as an art scene
Jan Dvořák
A review of two books dedicated to Czech inter-war avant-garde.