Typo 36 – summer 2009



Estonian Style: Fact or fiction?
Ivar Sakk
The history of the search for a national visual style of Estonia from the beginning of the 20th century up to this day.


Typographic Contraband: Tõnu Soo and the design of newspaper “Sirp ja Vasar”
Ivar Sakk
The article is dedicated to the role of type and magazine layout in the totalitarian society: not only was it an unusual expression of creativity, it was also an original weapon in the struggle against political oppression and isolation.


“e” smiles funnily in most type styles
with Anton Koovit
An interview with young Estonian typographer about his typefaces, the importance of education, and the lack of role models.


Rather than make new letters, I watch the tree changing
with Jan Solpera
Interview with an important Czech typographer dedicated to the days of his studies, to his design and lecturing career in the socialist Czechoslovakia, and to post stamps, too.


Looking for the message Humility in graphic design
Linda Kudrnovská
An overview of the winners of individual categories of this year‘s European Design Awards with tips and hints from one of the jury members.


Klimax Odile & Elido
David Březina
A review of new typefaces: Klimax by Ondrej Jób and two families by Sibylle Hagmann inspired by the experimental type Charter.


Typo Berlin 2009
Fourteenth annual TYPO Berlin conference organised by FontShop was dedicated to a little troublesome theme, Space. An overview of the conference is made complete with three mini-interviews with thee speakers: Ebon Heath, Alejandro Paul, and Timothy Donaldson.


Complex Dutch Arab Complex
Titus Nemeth
A review of Arabic Font Specimen Book, a faulty attempt at a specimen book of Arabic type by designer Edo Smitshuijzen.