Typo 33 – autumn 2008



Jan Tschichold
Filip Blažek & Jakub Krč
A short overview of the life and work of typographer who, in many ways, had surpassed his contemporaries.


Jan Tschichold, Designer
Richard B. Doubleday
The article is dedicated to the period when Tschichold diverted from the strict rules of The New Typography, focusing in detail on his redesigns for the Penguin series.


The importance of tradition for typography
Jan Tschichold
A manifesto essay dealing with the relationship between tradition and experiment, built on one core idea: “Experiments may be beautiful and amusing. Permanent, traditional values are not based on experiment, however, but on the art of true masters.”


Graphic designer Jan Tschichold in Prague
Karel Teige
An interpretation of Tschichold‘s lecture on photomontage which he gave in Prague, written by Karel Teige, a prominent theoretician of Czech avant-garde.


Ethnically a Slav
Christopher Burke
An essay on Tschichold‘s Slavic heritage and his relationship towards the artists of Czech inter-war avant-garde.


Peeling off the Brno Onion
with Abbott Miller
An interview with the curator of the exhibition entitled Brno Echo: Ornament and Crime from Adolf Loos to Now, dealing with further issues than ornament and the Brno Biennial identity.


Brno Biennial 2008
Martin Pecina
A review of this year’s traditional international graphic design show, the Brno Biennial and the accompanying events.


David Březina & Irene Vlachou
The Maiola typeface by Veronika Burian is a distinct, well-executed contemporary interpretation of Vojtěch Preissig and Oldřich Menhart’s typefaces.


Martin Pecina
The Fakir two-member family from the Underware typefoundry, Netherlands, contains eleven styles and reacts to the present demand for blackletter types.


Renewing the classics
Pavel Kočička
An overview of new fonts reflecting the present trends in type design: the renewal of the classics, and the multi-script font families.


Symposium of the Brno Biennial
David Březina
An overview of the Brno Biennial Symposium, this year revolving around the theme of Graphic design next: what is new in graphic design and visual culture.



Dollar Photo Club

Design W