AGI Open 2010

The AGI Open conference will take place on the 11th of October at Casa da Música, in Porto. Under the theme “Process is the project”, this event aims to contribute to the reflection and debate about the creative processes on design.

International top designers will share their creative processes, on a series of presentations that will cover such different areas as graphic design, new technologies, artistic direction, photography, illustration or animation.

Addressing in particular to design students and professionals, but also to public of other creative areas, this will be a unique opportunity to meet the designers that have set the pace for the international visual culture for the last decades.


Abbott Miller, Pentagram, USA
Ahn Sang-soo, South Korea
Bruno Monguzzi, Italy
Cyan, Germany
Étienne Mineur, France
Javier Mariscal, Spain
Marian Bantjes, Canada
Matt Pyke, UK
Michael Bierut, USA
Paula Scher, USA
Peter Knapp, France
Pierre Bernard, France
Stefan Sagmeister, USA

List of workshops

Cyan (Detlef Fielder + Daniela Haufe)
Etienne Mineur
Javier Mariscal
Niklaus Troxler


3. 6. 2010 Filip Blažek
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